Prekindergarten Program Overview

Age Group: 4 years old (prior to September 1st)
Our Pre-Kindergarten program presents your child with a balanced mix of academic and social experiences within a structured, yet flexible environment. We strive to provide your child with a caring and nurturing classroom situation where they can feel comfortable exploring, playing, and socializing with children their own age.
The variety of our daily activities encourage development of social skills, fine and gross motor skills, self expression, and confidence building opportunities. Our Pre-kindergarten program places an emphasis on building a solid foundation of readiness in reading and math.
Frequent opportunities are provided for making choices and learning to interact positively with others in the classroom setting.
Finally, we believe in developing the whole child through the teaching of positive social skills, listening skills, group participation, and self reliance. It is our goal to help make the transition to kindergarten a successful one for your child.
September is here and we are excited to get back into the classroom with our new group of students. If you are wondering what this school year will look like check out our Orientation video in the Event section of the website.
In September in the Prekindergarten classroom we will be getting to know each other and learning about each other’s families. We will read some terrific books, create artwork, and begin to learn about the alphabet too!
We are looking forward to the start of a great school year together!
Click on the link to check out our calendar. The calendar has a little bit of homework for mom and dad!